ALFA ICE-CREAMS S.A. originated from a family company founded in 1960 by Mr. Michael Architektonidis at a small production centre at Valaoritou Str., at the centre of Thessaloniki.

The use of the purest raw materials and premium quality auxiliary materials (dried fruits, couverture chocolate etc.) in the ice-cream preparation led to the gradual increase of sales, resulting to the company transfer at 7, Diraxiou Str., where one may find the company today, as well as in its conversion into an ice-cream production factory and its renaming into a Societé Anonyme.

ALFA company, the second historically ice-cream industry in Greece, essentially contributed to the average consumer's acquaintance with ice-cream, offering a variety of tastes and products of excellent quality, in a time period, when ice-cream was not widely known in the market.

Nowadays the company, continuing the tradition, uses selected raw materials of high standards, fresh fruits and dried fruits, pure jams and syrups, without any artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives and in combination with the traditional mixture technique followed, offers high quality products of rich texture and characteristic fruit flavor, established now in the Greek market and the consumer's appreciation.

As a result, the company presents nowadays an expanded sales network at the prefectures of Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, in wider Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, at the islands of Sporades and recently at the Prefecture of Attica and the islands of Southern Aegean, aiming at its gradual expansion to the whole District. At the same time, it offers a great variety of flavors regarding the professional (unpacked) ice-cream (they are more than forty today), including ice-creams of Premium special type (parfait), pudding and ice-cream cakes, renewing every-year its products range with new flavor "challenges", satisfying all the tastes and renewing the consumers' interest, preserving the competitive advantage in the difficult ice-cream market.